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Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial art, combat sport made famous by its founder Carlos Gracie is also a self- defense system that has been known internationally. Its techniques mainly focus on grappling and ground fighting. This fighting technique promotes the ideal that a person’s size or strength should not be the basis to win. Every fight only needs proper techniques. Once these techniques are executed well, then no matter how small or weak you are, you will surely win that fight.

Every individual may belong to different levels of learning and this is a part of our curriculum. We understand every individual’s differences in levels of learning. In SMA, we make sure that if you are a beginner in this field of martial art your focus must be on learning the techniques and practicing them in the best way you can until such time that you will be able to perform them with more confidence and power. Beginner students need to build a strong foundation in Brazilian Jiujitsu to prepare themselves for reaching the next level which is the intermediate or the advanced level. Techniques for beginners that should be mastered include escapes, positioning, submissions, and self-defense.

With the help of our certified instructors, your performance will be evaluated thoroughly to see if you have made yourself ready to advance to the next level. And once you have shown impressive performances of the techniques, then you may start training yourself as an intermediate/advanced. This
level will then ask you to do more rigid sweeps, escapes and counters, submission, and reversing techniques. Mastering these Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques will show your readiness to compete, to fight, and to defend yourself in whatever situation it may be.

Everything sounds easy, much more when you do it by yourself and for yourself. Hurry not, but it is always better to start as soon as possible so as, not to waste your time with nothing. Train yourself in SMA and you will see yourself and your confidence rising up to the next level. Enroll now and build yourself up to have that guts as soon as you step out of your house.

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Ian PhuaIan Phua
13:46 04 Dec 20
Been training Muay Thai for 6 years in Malaysia, other parts of the States and even Thailand itself. And the only man who ever taught the way great evasive counter fighters such as Saenchai, Samart, Somrak and Lerdsila advocated is the one and only Neal Rowe. Even in Thailand itself, not all camps focus on speed and footwork, most hit pads and run all day long. Here at Sacan you’ll find less pad hitting, but more work on learning to move your feet and control the space. Sounds easy, but when you do get it down, even if you perform a technique decently with not a lot of “power”, you’d still fold someone in half. Neal teaches techniques and skills in such a way that you don’t have to rely so much on your athleticism to snap a person in half. His ability of adding different aspects of other striking martial arts to Muay Thai evolves it into a pure striking martial arts that you can adopt for any ruleset(kickboxing, boxing, karate or muay thai itself) according to the rules, you literally become water. The man is a pure genius and if fighting is science, he’s the one taking humanity to greater heights.
Todd CarnesTodd Carnes
22:55 05 Oct 20
Great martial arts school, fantastic experience. For adults, by far the best stand up / kickboxing/ Muay Thai you can find in the Midwest region.
Chris SmithChris Smith
22:19 29 Jan 18
Great place with great people. Everyone treats each other with respect and all levels of experience are accepted. Head instructor, Neal Rowe, is very knowledgeable in several different arts. The gym is affordable compared compared to most gyms in the region. This is the place for you to train Muay Thai or your kids to train in Kenpo Karate, if you are living in the Midwest.
Hillbilly G0atHillbilly G0at
23:23 12 Jul 17
Sacan is the place to be for martial arts training in the west Chester/Cincinnati area. Neal, the head Thai coach, has years of experience. Not only was he a championship competitor himself, he’s also coached multiple champions including former ufc fighter and middle weight world champion Rich Franklin.Neal also offers private lessons in Kali (Filipino weapon fighting) which can be an interesting change of pace even if you’re just looking for mma-oriented training.All in all Sacan has the full package and is one of my favorite places to train.
06:22 31 May 17
Easily one of the best places to train in Muay Thai in the region. Lots of emphasis on technique – not a show up and beat up kind of place. If you stay long enough, you will see Kru will teach you the art of fighting, not just Thai boxing! plus you will find a diverse range of people training here – from fighters to serious hobbyists and all will help you up your game!

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